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“Meta Mirror” at Luminary

We’re pleased to announce that Stimulant will be contributing to the first event produced by Future Fires, an organization aiming to bring the magic that exists at the intersection of art, technology, and music to a large-scale audience in San Francisco. “Luminary” features art+tech pieces from the likes of Can Buyukberber and a live performance…

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Stimulant Recognized as a Bay Area “NewCo”

We are excited to share that Stimulant was selected as a Bay Area “NewCo” and invited to participate NewCo Bay Area Festival 2017. The NewCo Festival is an annual, city-wide event designed to connect and celebrate the most inspiring, mission-driven companies in the Bay Area. We are proud to be amongst fellow NewCo organizations that are shifting their industries, valuing…

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INSTINT 2017 Highlights

Last week I had the privilege of attending the fourth edition of the annual INSTINT conference, a gathering of artists, activists, and engineers who work in the field of installation-based experiences. Aside from the charm of the city of New Orleans and the friendliness of the brilliant and good-looking attendees, some of the speakers shared…

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Eye Tracking for Digital Installations

We’re always looking for ways to sense what visitors are doing so that our digital experiences can react in ways beyond what people are used to seeing from their consumer devices. There isn’t yet a way to tap right into what people are thinking, but there is a new way to at least tell what…

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Ideum’s Tangible Engine SDK

We've used and recommended Ideum's all-in-one touch tables a few times and have been happy with their performance as well as the customer service from the company. Some of the Ideum team were in our neighborhood recently so we invited them to the studio to catch up on what we were all up to, but…

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Depth Sensor Shootout Update

The Stimulant Depth Sensor Shootout has grown to ten different cameras, now including the Intel RealSense SR300 (much improved over the previous generation) and the exciting new Orbbec Persee (which includes a full ARM SOC in the package). Check out our comparison to see what new possibilities these devices open up for interactive installations.

Depth Sensor Shootout

(Updated Dec 23 2016) Stimulant’s mission is to create “smart spaces” which engage visitors in ways that can’t be duplicated with devices they have in their home or their pocket. We achieve this through a variety of sensors and cameras feeding data into custom software, running on bespoke computing hardware, and outputting to any number…

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