HyperGeographies: Mixed Reality and Smart Spaces

We’re constantly being asked by our clients and partners how virtual and mixed reality (VR and MR, respectively) technologies could be used to transform their businesses and enhance human experience in the built environment. Stimulant’s interests lie specifically in how these technologies can (or can’t) be used to provide entertainment, information and/or utility in real…

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HTC Vive: First Impressions

It’s been an exciting few weeks at Stimulant as the AR/VR hardware we pre-ordered months ago has finally started shipping. While we’re still in the midst of getting our hands dirty with HoloLens, we just received the long-awaited HTC Vive last week! Vive has been creating a lot of buzz with Lighthouse, the ingenious 3D…

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Unboxing the Microsoft HoloLens

We’ve been following the progress of HoloLens quite closely since it was announced, imagining ways we could bring holograms into the experiences and smart spaces we produce. After months of waiting, we finally got the invitation to purchase the dev kit, and just a few days later it arrived! Yes, HoloLens is a real thing, and it’s…

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Smart Spaces for All: Stimulant at United Nations’ World Habitat Day

On Monday, October 5, our CEO Darren David was invited to speak on a panel at the United Nations in celebration of World Habitat Day and this year’s theme, Public Spaces for All. Smart spaces are a new category of space that merge the best of the digital world with the built environment, creating places…

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Judging the Adobe Design Achievement Awards

Hi all, Nathan here. As Stimulant’s design director, I was recently tapped to be one of the judges in the final round of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards on August 11 and 12, 2015. The final judging panel was filled with top talent, and both Stimulant and I are proud to have such esteemed company. The judging process…

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State of the Art: Transparent OLED Displays

We’ve used transparent LCDs in the past, and they’re pretty cool. Evocative of the “see through” user interfaces of science fiction films, transparent LCDs work on the principle of being transparent where their pixels are white, and being opaque where their pixels are black. They also require a ton of light behind them to be seen,…

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Designing Visual Interfaces for 4K Displays

One of Stimulant’s specialties is designing experiences on new, next generation hardware. We were recently tasked with designing an interface for a 4K display, and we discovered a few things during that process that could give others a big head start.

The New Role of Interactivity in Music

The Stimulant team is comprised of individuals with varied backgrounds, but the one thing we all have in common: we’re music geeks. We follow the music industry closely and naturally we’ve taken note of the massive shift in the way people consume music, especially over the past decade. The disruptions in the music industry resulting…

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