14 Feb, 2013

Maxim Integrated Touch Wall

We created a large scale interactive wall in the lobby of Maxim Integrated‘s new corporate headquarters. Our challenge was to create a fun, engaging and brand relevant way to introduce the new brand and inform guests about the company.

The resulting experience is designed to embody the three elements set forth in Maxim’s brand redesign; inventive, bold and grounded. The interface, presented on six 55-inch displays with a multitouch overlay, is a playful interactive brand extension married with a high-level, media-rich company overview.

Maxim Integrated touch wall located in the corporate lobby.

To stay on our tight schedule, we exposed dozens of variables that affected the visual system (speed, density, behaviors) in a custom control panel. This let us dial in the “feel” of the piece with the client in real time, expediting communication and saving many days of back and forth on revisions. This proved so successful that it has become a regular part of our development process.

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