City of Hope Museum


City of Hope is a world-class cancer care and research hospital in southern California. Gallagher & Associates designed a museum on-site to illustrate the pillars of its legacy: innovation, healing, and soul. Gallagher worked with Stimulant to build a non-linear narrative digital experience allowing visitors to experience stories though a mixture of self-discovery, semantic relationships and user-generated content.

One beautiful, sinuous sculpture hosts two unique interactive digital experiences. One the outside of the sculpture, three stations provide access to hundreds of stories, visibly and tangibly connected across a fabric of sprawling reactive LED sculptures. On the inside, a virtual wishing tree is covered in wishes for healing and hope, sent by visitors and from All content was richly tagged with metadata to highlight the interconnectedness of the City of Hope’s achievements, doctors and patients.

The fully generative systems that power these experiences bring insight and hope to patients, their visitors, donors, and guests.

Clients and Partners

Exhibit Design: Gallagher & Associates, City of Hope
Media Design and Production: Gallagher & Associates
Software Development: Stimulant
Hardware Integration: Worldstage
Fabrication: Spectrum Oak / Lexington (Donor Wall)
Exhibit Graphic Production: DigiPlus
Construction Administration: Steiner Bros Construction Co
Architect: Hagy Belzberg, Belzberg Architects


City of Hope

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