Exelon Interactive Customer Experiences


Exelon’s subsidiary Constellation Energy opened a brand new energy trading facility in Baltimore, Maryland. Exelon wanted visitors to be able to tour this facility, but the workings of trading floor itself, and the broad range of Constellation’s offerings, were hard for visitors to comprehend.

Stimulant was tasked with helping visitors to understand the depth and sophistication of this trading operation. We created two interactive experiences, both leveraging Stimulant’s proprietary Gigatouch platform for creating explorable “deep zoom” panoramas. Gigatouch provides meaningful context to unfamiliar views and vistas through interactive discovery and rich media annotation. Originally developed for use in tall-building observation decks, it has since found broad applications in visitor centers, attractions and other large facilities where answering the question “What am I seeing down there?” is critical. Photographic, 3D rendered and illustration-based imagery are all supported.

One of these interactives is a site-specific gigapixel panorama of the trading floor itself, on a large permanent touchscreen. The other is tablet-based, for use in various conference rooms throughout the building, featuring a completely custom illustration of a hypothetical city to showcase real-world Constellation case studies.

These experiences let docents and visitors explore Constellation’s capabilities and impact, driven by visitors’ own interests and curiosity.


Exelon/Constellation Energy (Experience Designer: The Brand Experience)