Intel’s “Connect to Life” at CES


Foghorn asked Stimulant to create the interactive component for Intel’s booth at CES 2012. The result was the Intel Connect to Life Experience, the world’s largest interactive, multi-user, real-time-3D virtual life simulation.

Spanning the entirety of Intel’s booth, conference attendees could use any of six custom-made stations around the perimeter of the booth to create a shape; from this silhouette, a unique bioluminescent lifeform was created on a 2200 square-foot, non-uniform, projection-mapped surface, using 24 projectors. The animated lifeforms interact with each other in playful ways, dancing with one another or chasing other lifeforms around the ecosystem. An extremely low-barrier to engagement paired with a (physically) large reward for interaction led to 30,000 unique lifeforms created by attendees over a 4-day period.

The greater Connect to Life Experience at CES was made possible through collaboration with Foghorn, Intel, and other supremely talented firms such as 2LK, WorldStage, Stage Light Design, LeadDog, and The Taylor Group.