Genentech BioOncology Pipeline


When it comes to describing the development of new medicines, medical tradeshows are filled with static bar charts that struggle to authentically convey hope, promise, and progress with detailed science. Genentech asked Stimulant to come up with something better, more engaging, and more uniquely theirs for the 50th anniversary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) tradeshow.

Stimulant created a dual-screen “Pipeline Explorer” that featured data-driven layouts of molecules being researched and studied. These molecules linked both to their mechanisms of action as well as what types of tumors are being tested against, so that oncologists and researchers could self-select and filter by what they were uniquely interested in. 32″ multi-touch displays let attendees directly navigate the pipeline, while 80″ displays showcased content to passers-by, all staying fully compliant with federal and tradeshow regulations. A shallow, casual experience guided visitors to other positions within the booth to go deeper into the science or to speak with a subject matter expert.