SAP InSite Studio


SAP reached out to Stimulant, Cisco and Microsoft to help them realize their founder’s vision of a “boardroom of the future,” that would make executive-level meetings and decision making far more immediate and flexible, bolstered with at-your-fingertips data that is as current as possible. The result was InSite Studio, unveiled at the SAPPHIRE NOW conference in Orlando.

We created a multi-touch remote collaboration interface that integrated into a Cisco CTS3000 Telepresence Suite, with the support of SAP’s own Co-Innovation Team. InSite Studio allows meeting participants to queue up content and literally throw applications, websites, and other documents onto one of three massive shared screens. Stimulant created a gestural UI experience that featured the ability to “flick” or “throw” content to a desired display and to remove it just as easily with a dragging gesture. The software interface also features a curved queue of content, to make scrubbing through content physically comfortable with smooth, sweeping gestures. This enabled a seamless mixture of HD teleconferencing and freeform screen sharing between up to twelve concurrent meeting participants.