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LED Interaction Research

Recently there’s been an increase in the number of large LED light experiences. There’s also been an increased interest for environmental experiences where high powered projectors or LCD screens are cost prohibitive or technically incompatible with the environment’s form factor. There are instances when the desired effect could be achieved for the most impact per…

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Depth Sensor Shootout – Updated with 2 New Products

There are a couple of new depth sensors on the market: the DUO3D and the Microsoft Kinect 2.0. We’ve updated our popular Depth Sensor Shootout with our thoughts. There are even more shiny new gadgets in the Stimulab right now, so check back soon for exciting new updates.

Depth Sensor Shootout: Kinect, Leap, Intel and Duo

(Updated June 2014 with notes on the Duo and Kinect 2) Whenever Stimulant embarks on a new installation project, we survey the landscape of hardware solutions to determine what we can use to create a robust and immersive experience. Our offices are full of touchscreens, sensors, video cards, and gaffers tape and we’re constantly putting…

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Advanced Detection of Emotive Gestures

Frustrated with the limitations of gesture detection in current commercial SDKs, we set out to create a platform for repeatable detection of emotive gestures beyond “open hand” and “closed hand.” This video demonstrates our software-based solution for detection of “syncopated gestures.” This is our first year participating in SIGGRAPH, and we’re excited to share our…

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Interactive Framework Shootout

There are plenty of ways to get interactive graphics on a screen, but as with most things, it’s best to use the right tool for the job. We could try writing our own graphics framework, touch-sensing drivers, and 3D engines, but the best use of our time isn’t solving problems that have already been solved…

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Introducing Stimulab!

Big plans are in the works for Stimulant in 2013. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re adding an experience center and research laboratory to our San Francisco office. The Stimulab will incubate and showcase our latest innovations, as well as create a space where our team can work seamlessly with clients and partners to conceive…

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LoopLoop for Sifteo Cubes

LoopLoop: A Music Toy for Sifteo’s Intelligent Play Platform